People argue over wearing a seatbelt in vehicles, it only increases the possibilities of receiving whiplash because while holding the body stationary it allows the head to jerk around, yet the alternative is for worse.

Not wearing a seatbelt whilst driving is not only illegal but it increases the possibility of head injury in the event of Vehicle accident. If the head makes direct contact with steering wheel or the dashboard it is likely to result in extensive personal injuries. Cuts and bruises smashed teeth and eye injuries are also possibility.
It is not always the lack of a seatbelt that can result in such devastating personal injuries and people who do fasten belt can find themselves suffering head injuries as the result of a smash.

How do I claim compensation for my injury?

If the head injury is following a road accident and you was not at fault, you should consider making a  claim. Everyone can choose their own law firm to act for them and your are not compelled to make claim with your insurance recommended solicitor. You a completely free to instruct instant claims to help you claim. Our service is completely free and you will get 100% of  your injury settlement.

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 09 August 2011 @ 20:55

Personal injury claims rise in Staffordshire schools

Almost 58,000 in compensation was paid out to Staffordshire schoolchildren for personal injury claims in the last financial year.

There were 11 cases, ranging from trips and slips, to a girl who hurt her arm while putting away a trampoline.

The largest payout was over 10,000 to a pupil who slipped and fell on some logs.

The information was published by Staffordshire County Council after a Freedom of Information (FoI) request.